Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A friend of mine vehemently objects to people using the term homeschooling for children under the age of say... six. Under that age you are not replacing school, you are just parenting. Still.. the last few days Joseph and I have slowly added a few more organized activities to our daily lives. Just ten minutes of 'work' once or twice a day. He has been tracing numbers, and I am hoping that daddy will start teaching him how to read very soon. I love reading to him, but I also love the enthousiasm he shows for learning how to read by himself. He loves to pretend to read the stories he has learned by heart be having them read to him through and through.
Anyhow, I am trying to become a bit more organized about it all. So I moved a little cabinet from the playroom to our kitchen table and repurposed it as my 'school cabinet'. I had it all wonderfully organized. Had.. being the operative word. Michael clearly wanted to have some homeschool fun for himself.

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