Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Craft basket wednesday..

I do not have a picture available, unfortunately, but in the short period that Michael's colick seemed to have abated, I did manage a mini embroidery project: I finished a trefoil (three cornered celtic knot that symbolizes the trinity) on a napkin. I still want to additional stitches. At first I thought some shamrocks.. but now I want something more easter like, or maybe just a border.

The next project that I am lining up in my mind (as my hands and arms are otherwise occupied these days) is a small embroidery on a sheet for the baby's bed. I am considering a redwork style embroidery (though not in actual red) but I am not yet certain of what the subject will be. And I would love to make some redwork embroidery for Joseph as well, preferably of a train...


Owen said...

Your older posts are getting hit with spam.

Matushka Anna said...

So nice to see you back! I've been gone for a while myself, but without the same good excuse! I'm glad you and Michael are safe, sound and healthy.

Thanks for continuing to check with my blog despite the absence. I checked yours pretty frequently to see how you were doing. I figured you were tired, busy and had much more important things to do than get on the computer!