Sunday, January 24, 2010

It all started with some pink roses

There is a vase with pink roses standing next to me on the desk. They are making me smile every single time I look at them.
My husband is the most wonderful, romantic man, but these roses were not a gift from him. Being busy at work and coming home to help me with our busy boy rarely leaves time for a stop for flowers. I love flowers though, and they add a little touch of something extra feminine to the interior. At the grocery store I found out that my careful budgeting and planning had payed off and my grocery bill came out considerably less than what I had to spend. So I treated myself to some pink roses for about four dollars and still came out under budget.

Putting them here, next to my computer makes me smile, makes me feel feminine, happy and spoiled. And it inspires me to clean up my desk.
Adding a little indulgence here and there somehow makes me wish to do the more mundane tasks as well. Elegance is... somehow infectuous, and strongly related to neatness and order.
Which is why... the rest of the living room needed to be tidied as well to match the desk. So I just went around, picking things up and found a few of Joseph's clothes laying around. This led to me put a load of laundry in. And that made me realize that, since my wonderful husband was playing with Joseph, I had the time to also put away some of the clean laundry that was hanging on the rack and put it actually into the closet. Which of course led to me seeing there was laundry waiting in the bedroom to be picked up, and put in a second load. Organizing the laundry meant that I came across some things that were clean but not yet put in place, and now.... not only is there a vase of roses on my desk, but that desk has been emptied of all unnessecary stuff as well. The kitchen table also has a white table cloth, and a crystal bowl has been dusted off, taken from the fridge and filled with pretty red apples as a practical and pretty centerpiece. There are pretty, clean tea towels hanging in the kitchen and I am feeling tired but good. Considering I only came home from the grocery store at 6.15 pm.... it is now 10.15 pm, and I have in the mean time spend time playing with Joseph, sat behind the computer scanning pictures and files, had some soup for dinner, knitted a few stitches and relaxed a bit by browsing some of my favorite blogs... it didn't take that long at all to add that little layer of femininity to my house. With a small side dish of organization along the way.

And it all started with some pink roses....


Heidi said...

Ah yes...the things that can lead us on a path unexpected. It makes you stop and think too about what we do in life and the words we speak. They too can have this ripple effect. It is therefore so important to think about things before we act or speak. I was already thinking about this as I have an acquaintance who is rude and mean when a friend of mine is there but very nice when it is just the two of us. This person considers herself very Christian and I find her behavior says she is anything but. My husband notices her behavior even and he says she changes and becomes like that to score points with my friend. I think it makes her a very sad person. Oh my...sorry that I got sidetracked. I am glad you felt satisfied at the end of your day. I do so completely understand that feeling.

Hugs en groetjes ~

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