Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good mommy

I'm proud of myself of what I have accomplished so far, even with the horrible headcold that has taken over.
Joseph and I made 'cake' together. Ok, it came from a mix, but it was something we did together, and he could add the milk and the egg, which made it a big deal. Then I had the inspiration of using a mini cheesecake tray for mini muffins to make from the cakemix and all was well. So much easier to dole out a small portion.
Then we went outside(!) to blow bubbles. This is one of the things I like to do most with Joseph and we had lots of fun.

I also managed to go grocery shopping, not giving in to my thought that I could probably eche one more meal out of my pantry and procrastinate on this till tomorrow, because I didn't feel like going shopping with Joseph. His behaviour was a bit of a mixed bag while shopping. I am trying to train him to walk nicely beside or behind the cart. It depends on the day how succesful I am. He likes to run about and take stuff of the shelves, which of course is not allowed. So after two warnings, the third time he ran away, mommy put him in the cart. Which ensured a screaming meltdown. Especially since I didn't allow him to climb back down. In the end I had to strap him in the children's seat, which of course was reason for more crying and screaming "Out... out.. walk... walk". I will admit I wasn't feeling too great and pretty tempted bribe him with whatever to behave, but instead I spoke to him on normal volume and tone telling him that I was not impressed and that he was not embarrassing me with his behaviour, just himself. After one aisle the tantrum was over and we were ready to sing "I like the mommy, mommy" again. We finished our shopping, payed. and when I was trying to load the groceries into my bags I had an interesting idea. I am training Joseph to be a little mommy helper... so why not now? I gave him one of the grocery bags and while I filled the freezer bag, I handed Joseph items to put into the grocery bag. YAY! He did it. I didn't need to tell him to stop doing this or that or running away, instead he received lots of praise each time he put a can of tuna or the box of pasta into the bag. The cutest thing ever is when he says "You wecome" after I say thank you to him for putting something in the bag.
Maybe I ruined my good mommy status by giving him a hershey kiss when we came home, but hey... he deserved it!


Karen said...

I can so relate to this post - Samuel is no longer content to sit in the cart, he wants to be out and about "helping" find the groceries.

I also wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog about having made the right choice. It certainly wasn't an easy choice to make and I appreciate your supportive comment.

CRICKET said...

It is hard to constantly redirect, on good days it feels good. And of course there are those bads days when its hard to get a handle on it.

Wendy said...

Oh, my dear...I feel your pain with the trials and tribulations of shopping with little ones. Even at 9 and 5, it can be a challenge to keep K and PB from behaving like savages in the store. It sounds like you did a great job, I hope you had a hershey kiss and put your feet up afterward!

I hope your Christmas season is full of blessings, I'm excited for you as you anticipate sweet little Michael's arrival! I love his ultrasound picture, those are so neat to look at!