Friday, November 27, 2009

Wow, three or four entries in one week. You can see I have been on vacation with lots of help with Joseph.

But for now, I wanted to reveal the name of our newest little one. Bill and I have chosen the name Michael Damian Hauk. Damian was the first name we settled on, after Father Damian, the Belgian/ Hawaiian Saint. The first name was harder to determine. I wanted a name that would reflect someone quiet and gentle, in the hope that after my beloved rambunctuous first boy, I would have a little artist/ reader on my hands. (I think Joseph didn't realize that we named him after Joseph husband of Mary and that he goes after his more adventurous namesake Joseph son of Jacob. Although that too seemed more of a dreamer and worker than a big adventurer.)
Anyhow... Lucas and Raphael were the top names of my choice, but somehow they never seemed to stick or fit. One of Bill's top choices was Michael, and somehow it just ... kept hanging in my head. So after LOOOONG deliberation, the name Michael Damian Hauk was chosen. BTW... Damian means 'the tamer' so let's hope that that somehow takes some effect!!

So far, we have not really prepared for Michaels arrival. I mean of course I have taken excellent prenatal care and thought about our little boy a lot. And we did clear out a room of our house to be the nursery. I also went through Joseph's clothes a bit to see which outfits would be suitable for his little brother. It's a bit difficult since they are born in oposite seasons. Joseph was born at the end of summer beginning of autumn, and Michael will be born in winter nearing spring.
The colours I prefer for Michaels clothing and nursery are green (since that is the very nice paint colour in his nursery which I don't see any need to change. It's almost a sage hue.) brown (because that is handsome and manly and still elegant and cute and cream (because it is pretty and looks sweet on all babies). To top things off, we chose a little Beatrix Potter theme (especially Peter Rabit).
I had however not yet SHOPPED for anything for Michael. While a second child will use a lot of things from his older sibling, I also wanted to have some new things for him. His dislike for shopping though is one of those typically boyish traits that Joseph has. So luxurious shopping for a few newborn outfits wasn't in the stars as of yet. And with Saint Nicholas and Christmas around the corner, I wasn't even sure when I WOULD find time, before the last month and everyone knows how happy and energetic you are then.

But this week came around, with Joseph at my wonderful in laws for the first part when I accompagnied my husband to a conference. This meant time to sleep late and relax, to breath in the culture and discover a new part of the country. And after that came the part where we were in Saint Louis with four adults and one young boy. Which meant we could take turns on who was watching him and who was doing other things. Other things like... shopping. After a dissapointing first attempt in which the store I wanted to go to was moved, and I looked like an elephant in every single maternity dress I tried on, I found a Beatrix Potter baby album for Michael at Borders, and some cute sheets with sheep on them at Pottery Barn for kids, discounted more than sixty percent! Yay! Mimi also found a cute little layette for Michael and some puzzles for Joseph.
Today we found a nice dress for me, a cute cream/ natural little swadling blanket and a shirt for Michael.
I keep slightly frustrated at the lack of boys clothes that look more cute and handsome than bratty. Some of us want to raise little gentlemen, and not all of us have the budget or the desire for Ralph Polo all the time....
Still, I feel slightly happier now that we have the necessary sheets, and a few starting outfits that are 'just Michael'. Plus the stores were not overcrowded when or where we went, so we didn't have to deal wtih any of the Black Friday madness.


Shannon said...

I love, love, love his name!!

faerieeva said...

*chuckles* You should!

Karen said...

Oh I love the name - Michael is one of my brother's names!