Monday, March 9, 2009

I have weird dreams

I slept badly last night and absolutely needed a nap today. I ended up on the living room couch, with a quilt over me, wondering if I would be able to fall asleep. Aparently I was.

Because all of a sudden, I was watching television and the following show was being presented: "it will be current problems one can face in a boardroom, but presented as Edwardian Riddles, and made physical. The end result will be a totally new, iambic poem.
(while the following anouncement was said in a voice, you can see on the back ground first a group of grey clad young executives in a grey suits trying to climb something that looks like part of an army obstacle course, then a caligraphed scroll, then a metal construction with tin knights moving in on it, and lastly an argument with the face of Pierce -who won celebrity aprentice last time- while the the voice over says "it was very cunning because 'Hadley' actually is a local figure here at Harvard, while the voice fades out you hear Pierces voice argueing and you see him argueing with some young college guys in their executive suits while you hear him mispronouncing whatever he was mispronouncing deliberately so it sounds like 'Hadley' instead of hardly. And Pierce voice coming as a voice over: "I did not lie, all I did was...." at which point the alarm woke me up.

I did watch a recording of the first episode of the celebrity apprentice (a guilty pleasure) two days ago. But the fact that I dream of a version of it for ivy league college students, and a tv show that actually would make up riddles in Iambic verse says something. I do not know what. But it does say something.

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tiffibug said...

Once when I was camping I had a bizarre dream. There was a groundhog playing a banjo, a bear playing an upright bass, a skunk playing fiddle and a squirrel singing...all around the campfire singing some song from the WV Lottery commercials.