Saturday, March 7, 2009

The first toy...

My husband and I feel that children have too many toys these days. Considering the fact that he is the first and so far only grandchild at all sides, we were certain he would receive plenty of toys. And so it is that at the ripe age of seventeen years old, Joseph has not received any toys yet from his parents. A few books, a few art supplies. But no toys. He has been given toys of course, and enjoys his blocks, his stuffed animals, puzzles and other things, but he is just as happy to play with the pots in the kitchen. In fact, he REALLY likes to play with the pots in the kitchen. He likes to play with those pots so much that now and again mommy needs to search throughout the living room and breakfast nook for the pots and pans she wants to use for dinner.
I decided he needed a little toy kitchen for himself and after a first attemtp with a shoebox, I planned to simply use an old shoe rack, perhaps some paint, and a few tupperware containers. That would probably have been perfectly fine.
But then I found the most adorable toy kitchen online for only 35 dollars. It was mobile, it was small. It was not to involved and I fell in love with it.

It became the first toy that I really wanted to buy and after talking about it with my husband, it became Josephs first toy gift buy his parents.

He loves it! When he is done playing, mommy often closes it up. When he reappears after a nap or something he will run to it however and top the little suitcase for me to open and set up the kitchen again. My little chef!


MomAtHome said...

thank you for the welcome! i agree with your post...our child does have way too many toys though..i love that little kitchen set up, i have been thinking about something like that. where did you find that one?

Karen said...

Please....please....PLEASE share the link where you found the mobile kitchen. It's adorable!!
I'd like to get one for the Sam man to play with when I'm working at Kamp during the summer. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen and it would be fun for him to have his own little kitchen to play with while he sits at the table.

faerieeva said...

I found the little kitchen at Hot tip: at coupon cabin, you can also find a coupon for free shipping, making it even more irresistible.

Wendy said...

Oh Eva, he is so sweet! They're so adorable when they're engrossed in imaginary play like that. The kitchen was a great find, I'm sure he will enjoy it a lot!

Caeseria said...

That is sooo sweet!
As to Joseph's age - you meant seventeen months, right? :) Joseph sounds just precious!