Sunday, January 11, 2009

My new hair style

With all the excitement of the new year, I forgot to mention my new 'do'. Cutting my hair was a big deal for me. I always had it long. Most people will say it still is long, but it has not been this short for well.. ten years.
I love long hair. I love the way it feels and I love the way it makes a woman look more feminine. Unfortunately my hair had become more of a nod to femininity than truely a statement. It was damaged and there had not been a decent cut in it since shortly after my wedding. The last thing I wanted, blogging so often about being modest without being frumpy, was to look like someone who had let herself go.

I have, however, a healthy fear of hairdressers who see long hair and just itch for the scisors to make you look 'modern'. In other words, they just want to cut it all off, regardless of your own wishes. It never seems to be too short in their opinion, and many of the 'stylists' in cheaper salons don't seem to have a concept of what flatters a face or what fits a certain style. There are of course great hairdressers out there, but I just didn't know one. At least not here.
My hair, my 'crown and glory', was not something that I would let any stranger cut. Hair does grow back, but it can take a long time, so I wanted someone I trusted.
So I waited till I went to Belgium to ask the hairdresser that did my hair for my wedding. I admit I had some regrets when a whole lot came off. But it still looks long, it's ultra feminine, and it DOES look a whole lot better. Now I just need to learn how to style it on a daily basis!


tiffibug said...

I think you look lovely. Styling on a daily basis is something I'm still trying to master.

CRICKET said...

I love my hairdresser and whenever we think about moving to another state, this is one of my worries.

Shannon said...

Eva-- it looks GREAT!!! Really classy, and gorgeous! I need to meet your hairsty;ists--I can't ever find anyone willing to cut my hair as short as I want it. LOL!

I'm about to have a new 'do' soon, too. IF my hair is part pink, does that count as Feminine??

Heidi said...

Your new hairstyle looks fabulous! I am letting mine grow a little longer once again but never too long as it is thick and gets hot in the summer. I loved seeing Joseph again. He is adorable.

Hugs ~

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