Saturday, December 20, 2008


Next time we travel, I am taking a rattle with me and I am yelling "unclean" "Unclean" all the way through the airport so people can be warned that they might want to reconsider traveling alongside us. We were fine when we flew to Washington, so I think Joseph is our little 'good luck charm' in travelling by plane.
It started with what I thought was a bout of nervous nausea. That became something akin to foodpoisoning the night before we were supposed to leave. It was BAD. The airline of course did not want to put us on a flight a day later since we had the cheaper, unchangeable tickets. (This despite the fact that they changed our unchangeable tickets months after they were booked because they cut a few flights out between the US and Brussels. But hey, only passengers need to be understanding of hard times. Airlines don't))
So, miserable with what I thought was foodpoisoning we started the hour and a half car ride to the airport. Joseph threw up in the car over his nice traveling outfit. It should have been a sign of things to come but we were naive.
Luckily I had packed a spare outfit and in a new onesie and new pants we travelled on. I can not praise my husband enough for he took all the childcare out of my hands and let me just lay down on the airport floor when that was possible. We were on time for our connecting flight and that one seemed to leave on time. Seemed.
Everyone went on board and then we sat stuck on the tarmac for three full hours with one stupid delay after another. The only thing I wanted was to be in the air, to have my sweet son fall asleep and to hopefully sleep myself. I was in constant fear of the toilet being occupied during one of my quick dashes there or that they would throw me off the plane if they noticed I was sick.

During this time, Joseph managed to blow out not just his diaper, not just his diaper and his onesie. But his diaper, his onesie, his pants, and even his socks. I changed him in the airplane toilet and after three of the longest hours of my life, we finally went in the air. Joseph behaved like a wonderful baby. I am so blessed so far each time with his behaviour as we travel. It took an age to get all our lugage, but everything did arrive and my mother was waiting for us. She took care of Joseph in the afternoon when I finally stretched out on a bed and could let the illness take it's course.
Everything seemed to be allright and ready for a nice vacation. Seemed.
The first night Bill became sick too. Clearly not foodpoisoning. Stomach flu. Joseph seemed happy the next day but vomited twice more and had diarrhea.
The next day my mother became ill. Jet lagged and unable to sleep at night my stomach refused to recover. I am now on day five or six of the bug. I am finally able to eat again, if I am careful with what I chose. Just in time for the first christmas party tomorrow.

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Emma said...

Oh, Eva!

We had that horrible sickness, too! I have never, ever felt so sick!!

We got it in November and ended up passing it along to nearly all of the parishioners in our church. They just *loved* us!