Thursday, December 25, 2008

THe simple womans day book: boxing day edition

I've long admired the principle of "The simple woman's day book" to just allow a quick glimps into your house and mind. Inspired by Shannon from "after the fire" I decided to enter in today, even though it isn't a monday.

FOR TODAY december 26th, 2008

Outside my window...the dawn is slowly clearing through the grey of the sky
I am thinking how indulgent it is to have a little bit of computer time in the morning, tucked away in this little alcove in my old bed, while my husband and baby are sleeping. There are certain advantages to jet lag after all.

I am thankful for a wonderful Christmas yesterday. Last years christmas, the first one with a baby, was mired in a fog of over exhaustion and adjustments. This year things went so much better.

From the learning rooms: Life is learning. I am making good intentions for next year to learn to knit socks.

From the kitchen: being at my mothers house in Belgium for thanksgiving means I do not have to cook much. Instead I am enjoying delicious food. Today will be a left over day. We will have chicoree soup, left over chicken Agnes Sorrel, made by my aunt Mieke for yesterdays celebration, left over homemade eggrolls from my aunt Ligaya, left over guacamole from my mother and left over rice pudding from my mother. My tummy is growling already and I am considering which of these would be most apropriete for breakfast. Who wants to eat a sandwich with such delicacies awaiting?

I am wearing: my cuddleduds!

I am creating: a red, knitted scarf for my grandmother

I am going to Ikea either today or tomorrow

I am reading scores of Belgian magazines to catch up with what happened here in the non important news.

I am hoping that I will not get my husbands cold and that next year will see the positive trend of the last 4 months continue.

I am hearing my son who has woken up and been taken out of bed by his 'oma' which means I will need to quite playing around after this post. *W*

Around the house: the sound of Joseph's running footsteps and his voice are calling me. We cleaned up most things yesterday evening, so there is not much to do today, except enjoy.

One of my favorite things: getting kisses.

A few plans for the rest of the week: only a few? Go to adoration, plan a retreat, go to Ikea, go to my father, see my previous colleges from the catechesis, celebrate new years and go back home to the USA.. how is that for a busy week?

Here is picture thought I am sharing:

((I'm sorry, blogspot seems to be unwilling to publish pictures today. I will see if I can rectify this later))


Shannon said...

Oh what fun to read! It's like kind of sharing a morning cuppa with you!

Thru Pink Curtains said...

enjoyed reading your blog and the peacefulness of after christmas living. hae a good new year