Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Such a perfect day...

It's rare to realise in the moment how perfect and precious these moments are. Yesterday in the afternoon though, I could not help to notice what a perfect day I was having.
The sky was this magnificent deep blue without a cloud in sight. It was november. And I was sitting in a chair in the garden, in a thin cotton sweater looking at my son running around and enjoying himself to the hilt. He poked into leaves, crouched down thousands of times to pick up the most interesting things like acorns, leaves, little branches. He ran around like a little wild man and he enjoyed every single moment of it. Despite my urge to be at his side the whole time to keep him safe, I kept sitting in my chair, knitting and just keeping my eye on him to stop him from putting unsafe things in his mouth or falling into the pool.

I could hear the birds singing, I could see them playing a few feet away from me. I could hear acorns falling, I strongly believe tossed down by either birds or squirrels. The air was filled with the scent of fall and flowers at the same time. And I realised: this is one of those perfect moments. I wish I could have just halted time, but blogging about it is the next best thing.

The day itsself had been a wonderful one. My second night of uninterrupted sleep in two weeks, getting up early to have time to pray and time to work. Being able to greet my little man with a smile on my face instead of my grumpy morning mood. Two loads of laundery done and dried and the kitchen tidied. I felt like I had accomplished something. And now there was this wonderful interlude of blue skye, knitting and a wonderfully healthy, happy little boy running around as if someone had just handed him the keys to a new and enchanted kingdom.
Who would have thought that the weather would be beautiful enough mid november for just such a day.

When we came back in, Joseph was dirty, he had a red welt over his face from a branch and a thorn in his arm from the roses, but he hadn't even noticed, nor had I until I started cleaning him up. Most of all... he was exhilerated at all the freedom. My baby is becoming such a big boy.
And me... I had been running around all day in a long skirt, with my apron over it most of the time (our foremothers knew what they were doing in wearing one all day, I'm telling you!!) and I had enjoyed every moment of my housewifery!

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