Monday, November 10, 2008

back on track?

The last few weeks my new found schedule went to pieces. After a visit of friends and a stuborn cold that terrorized our household, it was back to sleeping whenever I could and things here fell by the wayside. I am not good at getting up at the same time with baby because I miss my quiet time in which I get a lot of things done. This blogpost for example. But also some prayertime and knitting time which helps me start the day on the right feet.
So today, I went back to getting up at 6.45. It wasn't easy since I probably only managed to fall asleep after midnight. I know it will be worth it during the rest of the day though. At least that is what I am telling myself now, and what I remember from a few weeks ago.
My plans for the day are simple: I will tend to Joseph first and foremost. I will work on a website, tidy the kitchen and make a simple schedule for the rest of the week: I need two days for website work. One desk day. One ironing day. And one writing day. That is the basic of it, aside from of course cleaning and cooking! And aside from the fact that tuesday is library day and thursday is museum day. Am I making sense?

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