Friday, October 3, 2008

We are nerds.... (March 20, 2007)

I'm back from my holiday with some new and interesting discoveries. First of all, I have to admit, rather painfully, that yes, my husband and I are fullblown nerds. It is probably the reason that we married eachother: we just fell in love with the most nerdy person we could find.
I think probably the medieval themed wedding would be a first clue of our nerdishness together. Then there was our honeymoon.The first little trip in our honeymoon saga was to the efteling. A fairytale park that I have loved since I was a child and where we had our first real life date. It opened it's doors in 1951 and since then has changed but always stayed true to creativity and fantasy in all it's atractions.
I am not sure of how nerdish that makes us, but the fact that we spend the rest of our honeymoon in Rome, visiting old churches and musea is probably a decent clue. The occasion when once, on our honeymoon, my husband actually murmured: "I have read...all the catholic... social... encyclicals" in between kisses is probably also something that should put us high up on the nerdishness scale, as is the idea that one of the first things that atracted me to him was the fact that I regularly read Jane Austins novels.
I think though this last 'couples' holiday before we are joined by our little baby has definitely proven it beyond any doubt. Because where did we go when our in laws provided us with their timeshare points and we had half a world of possibilies to chose from? Did we go for a lovely beach vacation in Florida? A ski hut in the Rockies? Did we chose an exciting stay in Vegas? Or at least go to New York, San Francisco or the Poconos???? No... we chose to go to the Colonial town of Williamsburg. And we enjoyed it very much, thank you. The demonstrations of Colonial cooking, the details of leather wall paper, the description of the ancient art of cooping....
I guess the time for hiding is over. We are nerds.

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