Friday, October 3, 2008

Stress and Missing my husband (May 21, 2007)

Well, here I was, just getting into the rhythm of regular blogposts and now all of a sudden there seems to be a lull. The reason is the stress about still not having that passport. Yes, that's the one I blogged about about a week ago, when we were starting the 'emergency procedure' which still has not given us a passport. And we are supposed to leave for Europe in five days...
So, does anyone have any tips on a graceful way of dealing with stress while you are pregnant? I know this stressing isn't good for the baby, and I really want to be a support for my husband instead of an added bundle of stress. At the moment he is on a spiritual retreat about two hours away. This retreat was planned months ago, and if the passport isn't in the mail tomorrow, we fear he will have to just end it and drive to Washington on thursday.
I try to keep busy and not to worry, but adding my first 'separation' from my beloved husband to it since I came to the US makes it harder. I miss him. It's silly because we have spend a day or two apart before when he was at a conference, but this is intended for four or five days, and we can't 'cheat' as we did the previous time by spending lots of time on the phone or the internet.
I am a big fan of the bach blossom remdedies and their 'rescue therapy', but I don't know if I should take it while pregnant, and thus I don't. Camomile tea is my big rescue, and I started a cross stitch project for a friend. Actually, I spend two hours today taking out stitches of a previous project that had failed on the fabric. But even that was more soothing than just watching tv.
If anyone has any advice on dealing with this kind of stress gracefully, I would apreciate any hints and tips.

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