Friday, October 3, 2008

Mom and I are waiting for the baby to come (September 10, 2007)

... and my husband too of course. I believe he will be very glad not to hear me answer the question: "how are you feeling?" with "READY!" anymore.
My mother arrived on thursday evening. She has been here now for four days and is just as eager as I am to finally see the grandson that keeps us all waiting. In the mean time though, she has caught up on my ironing (two loads behind), washed all the babyclothes, helped reorganise the nursery and wrote the adresses for all the thank you notes. Ahh... it's great to have your mom at your side at times like these. I am getting slightly insane from waiting for this baby to arrive. I hear it is normal procedure, but I just want to hold him. I also want my feet to look like normal feet again and not like elephant feet. Today, I had to go on the tredmill (yes, I am insane enough to go on the tredmill four days before my due date) with my ballerina flats on because even my crocks didn't fit anymore after the latest bout of swelling.

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