Friday, October 3, 2008

Menuplan Monday (September 8 2008)

Today was a busy day. Joseph was a happy go lucky baby, but did want lots of mommy time. Aside from that, I vacumed the floor (several times, chasing cracker crumbs), I managed to mop, I finished up our Christmas card list, and finished a newsletter for our womens group. With all that lining up, I could easily forget about dinner were it not for... my trusted menuplan. I make it either saturday or sunday and on monday, everything is ready for a brandnew week. That way, I can look at the plan the day before to see if I need to defrost something and there is not the 'It's five o clock, what's for dinner, emergency". By five o clock, my brain usually is giving up on functioning. THis is this weeks menu plan:

Monday:Chili con carne (home made last week, frozen and just heating up), with a green salad with pine nuts and parmesan/ ranch/ pepper dressing.
Tuesday: Turkey mignonette with vegetable stir fry
Wednesday: cherries with meatballs (a Flemmish favorite)
Thursday: Stuffed pasta and a salad
Friday: I eat alone, since my husband needs to go out to dinner for work, so it probably will just be left overs or some soup.
Saturday: we eat out
Sunday: pizza

Alternative: pasta carbonara

I always like to have one alternative meal on the list in case I just don't feel like eating what is on the menu. Usually it's something that's easy to make and that we both like quite a bit.

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Bill said...

Hmm... I'm thinking that pasta carbonara oughta be moved off the alternate list. :)