Friday, October 3, 2008

Halloween has come and gone (November 3 2007)

and baby has some days in which he seems to have a normal baby rhythm and other days in which he is too fussy to be put down for more than twenty minutes. Last night and today were one of the latter. He wanted mommy milk constantly, although he gobled down formula in the shopping mall when we had to use the emergency bottle to prevent a meltdown after having his pictures taken. Is there anyone else who feels like a horrid mom if they just add one bottle of formula to their breast fed baby's menu now and again? Baby has managed to get to near twelve pounds in less than six weeks, never losing weight since the day he was born, so it is clear he is not deprived at all.
At this moment, my challenge for myself is not to sit in my underwear all day as he wants to nurse so often, but to get dressed nicely. I can assure you that the baby does spit up now and again on my outfits, especially right before we are going somewhere, or after I have just put on something fresh. Don't babies have the most impeccable timing? Joseph can be sleeping nicely for an hour, but as soon as mommy stretches out on the bed and relaxes, he knows he is hungry again.
In the mean time, I am jealously reading the blog of a friend of mine who gave birth about ten days after me. Her baby seems to be able to get through the night with just one feeding already. We keep telling Joseph that he will get nicer nicknames if he sleeps more. So far: vampire baby, little troll and 'little squirm' are some of his most adorable nicknames.

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