Friday, October 10, 2008


Well... I was up before 7 again this morning. Unfortunately so was Joseph. It have been four blissful days in which he slept till past 8.30 am. Yesterday evening however, mommy was not at home for the bedtime routine. Joseph and daddy were having a boys only evening while I was at a boardmeeting of our womens group. Aparently Joseph thought this was a good moment to refuse to eat or follow the rest of the bedtime routine.
So when he woke up at 6.40 am this morning, he was too hungry aparently to go nicely back to sleep. I miss my quiet time with Our Lord this morning and my gradual awaking in His presence. I don't use expressions like that often. But my four days of knitting and praying in the morning gave me a great start. I hope this is just a temporary set back and that our new little routine will be back in place tomorrow. Today I will grant myself an unproductive day, wondering how they managed to convince me to run for vice president of the womens group.

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