Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog block

Of course, here I have my shiny new blog, and I am feeling a blog block. Unbelievable. I always know what to write. I don't always have the time, but there are always about 6000 topics that I want to write about. Blogging is like talking to me, and oh heavens can I talk! You could say I am a conversational connaisseur. Or a chatterbox. I do not mean that I can not be quiet. Yesterday my husband and I spend a cosy evening together, with him reading a book and me tending to my knitting in a gentle quiet. Well.. now and again I did say something, but I wasn't chatting. It's only polite after all to inform if someone else also wants a glass of milk if you are going into the kitchen to fetch one for yourself.
But for the rest we spend the evening in quiet. I love quiet. But I also love talking. So I do not get why I do not know anything to write.


I guess I knew what to write about after all. The first sentence probably always is the hardest and while it may not be particularly inteligent what I write, a friend of mine who is a writer told me that it is better to write something particularly bad and later throw it out, than not to write at all when you are working on a book. Words lead to more words.
And that leads me (here you are getting an invaluable insight in my communication process *W*) to a little tidbit that I picked up during storytime at the library last week. I LOVE storytime and I love the library. In Columbia SC we have one of the greatest libraries ever. Since libraries contain books and books contain words and I love words, I may be a bit of a know it all when it comes to libraries. Anyhow, this is one great library and it provides a storytime for babies from 0 to 1 and then further on. Joseph (a.k.a. Mr. Cute, a.k.a. the tornado) has been going to storytime since he was about three months. You get little tips each time about reading with your baby; why it is importand and how to do it best. Last time they spoke about the vocabulary that we use and what the baby is exposed to. Aparently we have a 'common vocabulary' of about 6000 words and get up to 10 000 words of unusual vocabulary. Reading childrens books would expose the baby to a larger vocabulary and therefor give him a head start in reading, school and all things word-like.

I am all for it. I do believe though that the vocabulary he is exposed to in this strange household of two book and word lovers is much larger than 10 000 words. One of the reason I fell in love with my husband is because he routinely uses words like 'conspicuous' "unmitigated' and 'absconded' in his sentences. And it doesn't sound unnatural. Like myself, my beloved husband, has inhaled a few too many books to ever have a normal vocabulary again. And now we are preparing to pass this legacy on to our little boy, like a precious family heirloom.


Kelly said...

;) You are giving your son a very valuable gift. We read and spoke to our son using a full vocabulary since he was born. Now the fruit is evident. He is a voracious reader and has always read many years beyond his grade level, every spelling test has 100+ on it, he loves to write and has joined a young writers group online and he watches very little television due to lack of interest. God be with you and your family :)!


ukok said...

What a gorgeous boy you have! My son is named Joseph, too. Incidentally, I don't know about St. Joseph, but every other Joseph i know of has been a real handful during childhood!

Thanks for visiting my blog, i will be sure to visit yours and to read your posts :-)