Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good morning

Day four of 'rising early'. To my shame it was after 7 when I got out of bed today. Still before baby, and still with the nice time to pray and knit and blog a bit as well as have breakfast with my husband, but not as good as the 6.30 to 6.45 with which I originally started. Try again tomorrow!

Around the house you are starting to see small signs that getting up early is getting more work done. I am all caught up with laundry, and getting less behind on ironing and steaming. There are more empty surfaces. Ours has never been a cluttered home, but with a baby, lots of things get hastily tucked out of reach while you can't leave him unattended, and then they seem to get stuck where they are or become invisible for a while until they have bred themselves into a surface covering mess. At the moment I look to my right and here on my desk I see a headcover and it's little bag on my printer, together with four envelopes of pictures. I see my cup of tea and cereal bowl of half an hour earlier. In front of me I see a dish full of hairpins and next to the cereal bowl I see one christmas ornament, one block, one small rubber band and one baby nailclipper. A baby picture, baby picture album, our weekly bible reader, a foto cover and a broken picture frame, with a hairpin and a card of the pest control firm on top...
Of course in the time I blogged about this, I could have removed it all.
Let me go do that now.


A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Thanks for you comment on my blog!
I've been reading some of your post about your early rising and its really challanged me. I like my sleep! But as of late I've been wanting to wake up earlier, ok at least before 8!! Maybe I should make my goal public so I'll be more likely to stick to it?
Anyways its nice to "meet" you

faerieeva said...

I think really putting my struggle in my blog has helped me in rising early, plus the fact that when I read back first thing in the morning, I see how much more I got done the previous day, which is an encouraging beginning of the day.
It's wonderful to meet you as well!

Be loved and blessed,