Friday, October 3, 2008

Fingerprints, foodpoisoning and fussing (August 19, 2008)

Well, last week was not the greatest of my life, to put it mildly.
On tuesday, I had to go and get fingerprinted etc. to put a next step in the process of becoming a permanent resident in the US. As if they haven't fingerprinted me ten times already. I wonder what they keep doing with these fingerprints. Every time I see a CSI episode, I keep thinking that my prints are in that computer, clogging up the system ten times over. My dearest son was so fussy all week (except tuesday actually) I could have pasted him behind the wallpaper, to use a Dutch expression. I reduced his nursing to five times a day and he was aparently convinced I am just doing it to torture him, because I am such a cruel mom. He wanted to make that point very clear and believe me, even at ten and a half months, that little boy can get his opinion across.
We received some bad personal news and all through that I suffered from what, according to the doctor, probably was a case of foodpoisoning. (I THOUGHT that eggroll tasted weird. Luckily I only finished half of it). By sunday I thought I was ready for a nervous breakdown. Lucky my wonderful husband helped out as much as he did, and his parents were here on sunday and pitched in.
By monday things were getting a bit better and today life seems almost normal again. I am GLAD that week is over, and some prayers are still apreciated as we recover.

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