Friday, October 17, 2008

Feminine Friday

I have been wanting to participate in feminine friday for a while, but never truely made it. Today, I did. Feminine friday is an initiative of the barefoot mama. And this friday she asked for pictures of one of the most feminine experiences we can go through: pregnancy.
I realised that all through my pregnancy we took very few pictures, mostly because we just forgot to take the camera with us when we were going anywhere. It's something to remedy next time!

Here I was about three months pregnant, and you can just see my belly starting to show.

This one was taken at a wedding. Do you notice something weird in my face? I had some kind of strange allergic reaction, which I have never had before or after, and my face was red and swolen. With lots of make up, I managed to look slightly normal, but it did get a big face, mask effect.

Seven en a half months pregnant. I carried everything to the front and looked as big as a house sideways. This pictue is taken in the beautiful Botanical Gardens of Saint Louis.

Eight and a half months pregnant. I LOVE this picture. It's taken near Hilton Head in the Ocean. We were trying to make pictures for the birth anouncement by writing Joseph's name in the sand, but ended up going with something else. This picture though is a wonderful memory of that day.

About to pop... more than a week over due and ready to be induced... it would be two more nights before the little fellow finally wanted to come out.


BarbaraLee said...

When you said you carried everything in front I knew you were having a boy. I did the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Aw! Adorable photos!

Kelly said...


You are so gorgeous pregnant! And I love your outfits! ;o) I have a picture in the ocean at 5's one of my favorites!

Thank you so much for sharing! Both you and your blog are capital A adorable!