Friday, October 3, 2008

Commitment to loveliness (August 28, 2007)

Goodmorning everyone!

Time for another commitment to loveliness. Emma challenges us to look at our life and see what we can do to make it more beautiful. The idea is to have a small list of things that we can easily do in our day to day routine that make our life a bit more lovely, for ourselves, and for everyone around us.
At eight and a half months pregnant, I find it harder and harder to combine loveliness and myself in the same sentence, yet this last week, I have made some definite progress. I have jumped, okay dragged myself, on the flylady bandwagon again. The system always worked for me, and it is just foolishness that I let it go throughout pregnancy. After all, when will I need some basic routines more then after the baby is born? When will a clean, organised house be more important then when I have a newborn? Oh, I have no visions of myself cleaning those first few weeks, with the baby attached to my hip, smiling angelically and humming a happy housekeeper song, but I hope to find time to shower perhaps and clean my counters, etc. Or have someone else (like my beloved husband) do that last chore for me while I breastfeed.
The very least I therefor can do is try and keep the house reasonably tidy and organised. But I am grossly diverting from the subject. Loveliness. Here are some basic ways I will try to make my life and that of those around me a bit more lovely:

- drink more water.
- remove nailpolish from toenails
- keep to flylady program
- go to the gym and walk on the tredmill
- put some music on while I work during the day

Five simple things that I really should be able to do. In fact, I will go and have a glass of water right now!

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