Friday, August 31, 2012

A week further..

Joseph's transition into big boy school was very smooth.  He'd been waiting for weeks to be able to go.  He loves his school, loves his little uniform, and would prefer to wear his school tie every day, whether it is required or not.  The only problem I have run into are the white polo shirts. My machine just does not get whites clean.  I use Tide.  The stains are not that bad, but even after washing, those yellowed shadows of stains keep being visible.  Annoying.  Any tips to get those whites white?  I would use bleach, but.. I had a try a few weeks ago. Put the shirt in a bowl, added lots of bleach and a little water.  I think I left it too long and the bleach literally dissolved the 100 percent cotton fabric.  I was getting shreds out of the water..  Maybe I should just add some bleach to my load of laundry?

Michael's been tested and for the next six months we are eligible for early intervention therapy.  Next Tuesday, we will have another evaluation from the company who will do the therapy.  Prayers will be greatly appreciated on this front.  I.. go through the days, trying to adjust to a different expectation.  It's hard.  There are times when I just want to shake him and tell him to act normal.  to look at me.  To listen. And then there are moments of progress when I am so proud of him.  I guess the Lord is trying to break down my heart, though I have no idea yet for what.
And I am tired of being broken down.  I feel like I'm a rock that's been beaten down so many times I am like gravel.  Maybe the Lord needs gravel somewhere.  I do not know.  I am hoping that with therapy things will become better over time.

I was planning to upload a picture here as well, but somehow can't figure out anymore where to upload something from your computer instead of from the web.


Mat. Emily said...

For our whites, I put spray the stains with Shout stain remover and sometimes will add a bit of gentle bleach to the load of laundry (a little goes a long way!). I hope that helps you!

I am so glad that Joseph is enjoying school! It will be great to get Michael started with therapy! I am sure that you will notice a difference!

We're praying for all of you and I think of you daily!

Maryb said...

I am so sorry, I have been away and have only just caught up. I wanted to let you know your family and you are in my prayers