Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Years ago, I participated frequently on a large Christian message board, mostly in the Catholic section. One of the things I loved was the C.C.C. (pun intended): the club of creative Catholics.
We shared our attempts, finishes and ideas for craft, sewing, knitting, embroidery and other creative projects and encouraged each other. While many people appreciate a nicely made handmade object, few who do not craft know the work and love that goes in them.
One of the hardest things when my children are small is that I have to completely abandon all creative pursuits in exchange for bare survival. In my favorite embroidery magazine, I regularly read features of women who embroidered complete baptismal gowns or large projects just after their children are born. I wonder if these are magical super women or if they have been blessed with easy children. Breastfeeding, putting a semi healthy meal together and making sure we are not smothered by the mess in the house is the only thing I can manage those first 6 months to a year. It's therefor always a joy when finally I can start my needlework again and make beauty.

Here are two recent finishes, each different from the other:

Saint Michael: A saint softie to be send to my Godchild:

I made this one based on this cute little angel doll. I would love to send you to the blog where I found the original pattern, which actually is a blog I follow regularly, but my brain has clicked out and I just can't find it. I will attribute correctly later.

A wedding handkerchief for a dear friend of mine:

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