Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inclusive language

Everyone who reads this blog knows that I love being a woman. Sure there are the hard parts that we all know, but over all, I am so happy to be a woman. I glory in womanhood so to speak. And the ways of Christian womanhood is one of the most wonderful, blessed roads to discover.
It therefor surprised me to learn that there was a new, more gender-inclusive, translation of the bible. Now I do not have anything against new and more accurate bible translations. In fact there recently has been a new bible translation in Dutch and I was very interested in the process and the why and how of changes and so on.
But to change a translation to be more 'gender inclusive' does not seem to be an attempt to improve on translations, but more a .. tampering to fit the spirit of the times.

I stumbled over this article which brings up a lot of good points, and thought to share it here.

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