Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty, happy, funny, real


Perhaps not my usual definition of pretty, but I did buy new running shoes. I promised myself not to buy any equipment for an exercise program/ thing that I wouldn't keep up with. After one month of dutiful walking/ running on the treadmill every day though, I had actually run holes in the bedroom slippers from target that I was running with. So now I have these pretty new running shoes.


Happiness is a new lunchbox. I have a thing for organizers. And for lunches. And for boxes. Combine everything into one and you have this pretty, organized lunchbox. I had my eyes on it for over a year, but at over fourty dollars it was just too expensive. A groupon however finally brought the coveted item in reach. Hurray!


Very nearly asleep on his feet. I shouldn't find that picture so funny, because getting a pair of new molars has him up several times at night, and of course me as well. So I quite often feel the way he looks in this picture. But oh my does he not look sweet, and cute and funny and grumpy all in one sleepy whole?


I've been posting all these pretty food pictures lately, with cute shapes and happy faces, or put down on the 'pretty-tablecloth-in-the-dining-room-that-is-seldom-used-and-therefor-stays-pretty'. But half smushed grilled cheese sandwiches are a mom's reality of life, just as much as pretty boxes.


Anonymous said...

Hopped over here from LMLD for the {phfr} and thought I recognized you from Family Homestead boards! Such a small world even online isn't it?

Mama Bear, JD said...

Oh we have that lunchbox, I even bought some extra boxes so I can pre-pack some things in the fridge. Love it. Cute pictures!