Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adventures in lunch

... with a bit of breakfast thrown in. It really does pay off to have a plan. Who would have thought it? Now I need to shop tomorrow and make sure that I make a new plan for breakfast and lunch and dinner for next week. I tried to pay special attention to making some fun things for the boys but found some inspiration for myself as well. Here is a picture gallery of a few of the things I made. Now trying to find more inspiration for next week for more original ideas.

Dinosaur shaped turkey sandwiches for breakfast.

Snack tray raisins, prunes, apples, pears, pretzels and graham crackers.

leftover soup: chicken, coconut, curry rice.
Inspiration of the moment, ready in ten minutes and YUMMY!

Oatmeal, left over from breakfast as a pre lunch snack. Yummie!

I have been eyeing this lunchbox for over a year. With a great coupon I finally bought it:
bento style lunch, which we ate picnic style on the living room floor.

Smoothies! My boys love them. Banana raspberry and coconut in this one.

Raspberry muffins in assorted muffin cups for saturday breakfast.


Matushka Anna said...

I particularly like the teddy-bear muffin holders! So cute!

We did something like this when our oldest was a toddler. She simply couldn't sit long enough for a meal (although we worked on it) so she was hungry at odd times. I would set out a tiny "buffet" with finger food like those and she would munch something as she'd run by. She was more inclined to sit in her high chair and eat if I presented things colorfully and grouped them.

Wendy said...

So fun! I love coming up with creative ways to serve food to my kids, and they do seem to eat better when the meal is interesting. :)

Also, I love your new blog look! Very cute!

faerieeva said...

Matushka, I love those. When I make oatmeal in them I call it "Fuzzy wuzzy Oatmeal" As in "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.

I won't compromise (too much) on giving them good food. But I am willing to stretch my creativity into making it look fun.