Friday, July 22, 2011

Pretty, happy, funny, real


I managed to French braid my hair for our outing to the sea. Vanity it may be, but I was so happy to look at these pictures and not see the usual hair escaping and hanging like limp spaghetti's around my face, making me look unkempt.


I managed to have a party for the Belgian National Holiday. Two friends came over, and I set the table with the colours of the Belgian flag, added the Belgian patron Saint (St. Joseph) to our table, and had a great evening. When looking back on the pictures, I saw that the food just colour coordinated so well: it had the colours of the Belgian flag too: yellow for the eggs and waffles, red strawberries and bacon, and the black grillmarks on the sausage. Unplanned, and so much fun!

Michael's first time trying paints. He kept insisting on putting the little crayola brush thing in his mouth. I kept putting it back in his hand, he kept putting it back in his mouth. And so on. His blue lips go well with his little green onesie, don't they?

I love cooking. And baking. And I like to think that I try and make healthy food for my family. Most of the time. Some days however, things go awry. And some weeks are a pandemonium and you end up with not enough time or energy to make what you would want to make. I had lots of things in the house to make complete filling meals, but none of us were really hungry. I ended up making a quick, microwave version of butternut squash soup (not as good as the one I usually make), and some mini muffins from a mix. Then I found out I didn't have any butter, and Joseph really wants butter on his. The best I could come up with was this bag of movie theater popcorn butter. So that's how I served him. But at least I didn't go for take out Chinese for the second time that week. Right?

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Andrea said...

The braid is lovely! I love braids - they get the hair out of my face but still make me feel pretty. Great combo. :-)