Friday, July 1, 2011

Pint sized Theology

There are days when I worry about my children's religious education. Especially at mass. Or when a toddler, confronted with a plate of food that might not be his favorite, tells us to "stop doing that" while we are praying before dinner. There are other days that I marvel at his faith.
Last week, after I had to take my 16 month old out of mass (we made it throughout the readings, the gospel and partway into the homily), my three and a half year old stayed inside with daddy. Afterwards my husband shared the following with me:
"It was so cute. When Father lifted the host for the consecration, Joseph said: "Now Jesus needs to come out of my heart and go in there!"
Isn't it wonderful? Oh sure, there are theological questions, and God can be everywhere at the same time. But the fact that my whispered explanations during mass sink in on some level, the fact that God is working on him, and making Himself known to my little boy in whatever way he can understand is breathtaking.

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