Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick pictures

We had some problems during our journey to Belgium, and the weather was not as hot as I had hoped during our month of stay, but when it counted most, we had good weather. Most pictures still need to be added to this computer, but I can give you a few glimpses. These pictures are from our visit to the Efteling. Like last year, this was the most wonderful, spectacular day of our entire visit. I love this place, a fairytale park, older I believe than Disney World or Disney land, and in my opinion with much more charm. I have pictures of me when I was about 5 there. My husband and I went there on our first date (I wanted a place where we could talkon one hand, but where there was a lot to do in case we felt ackward as well.) And we went there for a day on our honeymoon.

Here is a picture of our little family there, minus Michael who was sleeping in a stroller at that point.

Secondly, this adorable little girl is the daughter of a friend of mine from the Netherlands (where the Efteling is). Since we are so far away, we only get to see eachother once a year, even though we keep in daily contact through facebook. Since last year, we have made the Efteling our meeting place, which is perfect for children and husbands and us: we can talk, marvel, and have a good time. Oh, and btw, did you notice my hairpin? I nearly jumped when I found it in an Antwerp shop. I love hair accessories, especially the one that do not look as if they were designed for a five year old.

Here is another little glimpse of the hairpin. I wish I would have a better shot of it.

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