Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy, pretty, funny, real

round button chicken

This picture is not the prettiest, but during my month long break from the internet while I was on vacation in Belgium, I managed to make a tablerunner and 6 napkins decorated with "random roses" a design with randomly strewn embroidered bullion roses. Which turned out to be very pretty.

Happy: Michael is finally getting better. At 16 months he is in the midst of frustrated toddler territory, but he is not screaming all days anymore. And he is getting some very happy times with his brother's trains.

We have a quilt in our living room that kept being pulled off the table where it lay, nicely folded and decoratively, to be used as comforter, cuddle blanket, car.. anything they could think of. In the end I capitulated and bought a big basket in which it can be thrown. Guess who thought the basket was pretty cool too?

What happens when the older brother leaves an ice cream behind where the younger brother can get it?

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