Monday, March 14, 2011

Youth Minister

I am a wife and mother first of all. I stay at home with my children and for my husband because I believe it is the most important job I can do. Since this year, I also work ten hours a week as a youth minister. Most of those hours are spent at home, doing prep work, video editing, lesson preparations, etc. And about two hours a week I teach. A few times though, there are extra duties (or pleasures). This weekend I attended the Diocesan Highschool Youth Conference. I drove back and forth instead of overnighting to be home at bed and breakfasttimes, and dada took wonderful care of the boys in between. There was a mix up in our order of the conference T shirts. We were missing two smalls, and there was one X large. Since nobody seemed to want it, I volunteered. I added a belt, a long skirt and boots. Aparently I looked like a cross between a traditional nun, and a Western gunslinger. Here are some picures.

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