Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spiritual bouquet

Today Lent begins. Lent is a wonderful time of reflection and preparation for the mystery and feast of Easter! With Joseph being three, I am more and more finding things that I can do with him to start understanding this period. Small things.
One of the things I really want to do with him is to take time each day to pray for people.
I was encouraged yesterday when 'my' class of teens did their confirmation. (later more about that), but behind me sat the family of one of our confirmants, a wonderful mature, intelligent and faithful young lady. Who comes from a wonderfully devout (and fashionable!) family. They have five children, and behind me I heard the one but youngest kneel down as time for communion aproached, and start making the act of contrition (asking Jesus forgiveness for his sins) as part of a spiritual communion.
I was floored. This young boy was earnest, devout and knew his stuff. I nearly cried. I want my children to have his kind of faith. I want them to grow up into young people that radiate Christ the way these children do. Have I mentioned that they are also funny, smart, articulate and responsible and have their own personalities, interests and quirks?
Anyhow, it gave me another morale boost to not let time go to waist and usher in lent with my children, instead of trying to do it my way and trying to sneak in 'spiritual time' around my children.

One of the things I am going to do is help them pray for other people (including their mommy!) but also for those shepherds of the church.
And this website is giving me a wonderful idea. Children's prayers should be expecially pleasing to the Lord. Will you join me during lent to pray for the pope or for the spiritual leader of your church?


Anonymous said...

Here is a website with Lenten activities for children -

Blessings to you and yours!

faerieeva said...

I LOVE catholic icing. We printed out their lenten calendar and did the crown of thorns today!