Sunday, March 20, 2011

baptismal stole

Remember this? That was the main medaillon on a baptismal stole. After that, I just added the initials for the sweet baby girl lower down the fabric. A bit of washing, ironing and packing... and off it went to the proud godfather. This weekend his Goddaughter was baptized, and the stole was used.
In Cathlic baptism ceremonies, babies or young children often wear a family heirloom gown. During the rite however a 'white garment' is mentioned that is placed upon th child. This can be a bib, or a stole, but the idea is that it is something that the child can take along on his sacramental journey. A personal keepsake.

For my first son we bought one. For my second son, I made one last minute. Now that I have done this, I know that if I ever have a third child, I definitely want to embroider one for him.
But for now, here are some pictures of the baptismal stole in use on the baptism day.

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