Thursday, February 3, 2011

Towards that first birthday

Maybe this post makes me a bad mommy, but honestly, the first year of life with a baby for me is survival. Of course I have only done it two times so far. And maybe I had more difficult children than most, but I am not certain. I think the issue is more with me than with the children.
I LOVE my children, but I wish I could fast forward through that first year. A lot of people said to me with my first child: Ohh.. you are going to miss this. Maybe. Maybe when my children are all grown up and I have an empty house, I may. But in the mean time it is very comforting to me to look at Joseph and think how much more I liked the twoes than I did that first year. And how much more I like the threes than the twoes. Even with all the tantrums, and trying to instill manners, a love for art, reading, gratitude, faith, healty food, quietness, exercise and everything together... I enjoy interaction with my child so much more.

And the older Michael becomes, the more possible it becomes to do things with him. Or things with Joseph. Or things with both of them together. Sometimes it sounds like heresy to older moms that long back for that baby stage. But I can't wait to leave it behind for the firsts, the seconds, the thirds... and maybe even the teenage years. Though I will reserve judgement on that till I am there!

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