Wednesday, February 2, 2011

how far we are removed from food...

. I think that, in general, I feed my family well. Sure, there are occasional trips to McDonalds and we have pizza night. But most days, we have vegetables (fresh or frozen), meat or another protein. Some meals with or without extra carbs. I use mostly whole wheat pasta, brown rice. There are frequent greens, reds, browns on our menu and don't get me started on fruit. I take my boys shopping with me, and Joseph's greatest delight is to be able to get some Brussels sprouts. Yes, we buy cookies too (or make them). And there are crackers and goldfish. But all in all, I think we are doing pretty well. I let Joseph help with cooking and baking to make sure he is connected to the the food. That's why yesterdays exchange came as a surprise.

I had taken my chicken out of the fridge to prepare it for roasting, and was removing the giblets. Joseph came up next to me and asked: "What is that?" I turned to him, surprised and said: "That is a chicken." I have roasted chicken's before, though not in the last two or three months I think.

Joseph looked at the chicken again, nodded and concluded: "A dinosaur chicken."

I nearly dubbled laughing. Maybe a dinosaur chicken is one that has not yet evolved into chicken nuggets? Or chicken breast filets?

He did actualy eat some of the chicken that evening though, which is a victory as he is going to a period in which he turns up his pert little nose for anything I make for dinner. I may have to cut back on those after naptime snacks and make sure he is more hungry.


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tiffibug said...

Dinosaur chicken. Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha