Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday party

We were celebrating Michael's birthday saturday, three days before the actual event. My carefree roll with the flow attitude that had worked so well for christmas seemed to get me in a bit of trouble this time though. The last two days before the party several little things seemed to go wrong. Michael was really fussy on friday, making it harder to get everything cleaned up enough so people would neither break their legs nor stick to the floor. The sushi platter I had planned to quickly pick up didn't exist anymore. (note to self: go with the flow is good, put in a call to check if the food you want to serve actually still exists might not be that bad an idea either.). The pants I had started to iron for tomorrow's pictures had still stains on them that didn't get out even after repeat washing and the weather had turned back to frigid, making it uncertain that my wonderful in laws could be there. Then I had a call from JCPenny that their camera had broken down and our morning appointment couldn't go through, and I burned my hand while trying to make pasta sauce with Michael hanging on my leg.....

Nothing really major in itsself but the mantra "it's just a fun get together. Nothing special. Don't worry. People come for you, not your house or the food. Everything will just be fine and fun if you don't let it sour your mood." started to just fray a little bit at the edges. I think I shall call it 'artistically frayed' though. Or maybe just a fringe, because I kept it together and was rewarded by a wonderful day.
Our photographer called to say that the camera had arrived early, so we could still go. The pictures turned out pretty nice. Back at home the food came out great. And the company was superb. Michael seemed to enjoy the attention and demonstrated his new walking skills and his interest in every tool for housecleaning. Joseph was mostly interested in the cake! The Pooh theme was a succes and the conversation wonderful. And despite some technological glitches we managed to video Skype with my mother at the pinnacle of the birthday celebration where everybody gathered to sing happy birthday around the cake so she could be there somewhat as well.

The only one who wasn't aware of that moment anymore was the birthday boy who had fallen asleep on my shoulder. It was a cute moment and one we will tease him with the rest of his life. After I put him in bed, the rest of us proceeded with a family tradition of birthday hats: in this case everybody donned Pooh ears. Everybody except Joseph who wouldn't keep his on. I think the grown ups actually enjoy these things more than the children.

Michael slept almost an hour and a half and awoke just as the very last guests were leaving. Afterwards we had fun opening presents with him. Monsters and books and clothes and cute doggies.. and later we went to Barnes and Nobles and bought him another book and a cute set of pots and pans. They have toys now at Barnes and Nobles! As if that store was not dangerous enough! Last part of the very special day was a bath in which he had his new bath toys all for himself. I predict when big brother comes back from his little vacation with mimi and pa, it will be a wet battle waged for who gets to use it!

After bath we cuddled him all up in the fluffy red bathrobe that his great grandmother had send him, and he was ready for bed very soon after.

I love birthday parties.

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Wendy said...

Oh, it sounds like a lovely party! I can't believe Michael is one already -- happy birthday, little man!