Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

I had a wonderful, cozy new year's celebration. My husband and I took a leaf out of our christmas book and just had a quiet picnic on the floor of our living room. We drank some sparkling wine, and his face was the first thing I saw when the new year started.
The first day of the year started with mass, then a simple restaurant. We bought a new car seat and I managed to get two surfaces empty that were cluttered. Now that our little man is almost 11 months, I hope to slowly get more things done. I am trying to accept the fact that he is one of those children that has enormous trouble teething and that the holding and crying will not be done with right away. A little bit of organisation and some new routines however should get some things on a better track. In a clean house and with an organized life, everybody here just feels better.
I felt woefully unprepared for the new year. Usually I am thinking ahead and trying to plan things and enact them before the new year actually starts. This time, I am winging it, and trying to relax and adjust. I did download the Motivated Mom's planner. I do better with some boxes to tick off. Let's see if it helps me out.

I hope everybody reading this has a wonderful new year. May you see old dreams come true, and new ones created!


Betty Beguiles said...

I'm winging it, too, with new (3 month old) baby in arm. I'll have to Google the Motivated Moms planner. Sounds like something I could use. :)

BTW--I love your header! What a beautiful rendering of the Holy Family!

faerieeva said...

Thank you, very much. The picture is actually from my wedding. Years (decades) ago, my parents received a Holy Family like this for a gift and I was always drawn to it. St. Joseph is my patron saint and my husband (then fiance) and I chose to include a prayer/ dedication to the Holy Family in our wedding ceremony. We asked if we could include the statue on the altar. As a surprise, the priest who had originally given the statue to my parents found another one. He is the priest who baptized me just after I was born, and the older priest you can see in the background. He co-celebrated our wedding. After our wedding I brought the statue with me to my new home in the USA. And here it now has a place of honour on our mantle.

Matushka Anna said...

Sounds like a nice celebration.(c;