Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I bought a sewing machine when I was pregnant with Joseph, in the hope of making some clothes for my little boy. I didn't count on life with my little boy being so hectic that the sewing machine barely could come out, let alone leave me time to actally learn how to sew clothes. However, I used that machine to make the little favor bags for sugar beans (a Belgian tradition at the birth/ baptism of a child) for Joseph's baptism.
Since then I have not sewn much, but lately the machine is placed somewhere where it is easier accessible, not in the way and I have looked at it in longing, especially since there still is this abominable lack of nice boys clothing in the stores. Still... I am less ambitious now and have started with some small projects. The first thing that actually went out, was a hand embroidered bookmark to which I stitched a nice backing. It came out rather nice, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.
Today though I sat down and managed to finish some of the sugar bean favor bags for Michael, and I am pretty happy as well with how they are turning out.

We could not decide on which of the fabrics we liked most, so we chose both of them. The yellow one with the little bees is more cute, the blue one with golden stars more elegant. I was actually hoping for either a cream, brown, or green fabric to go with the color scheme of Michael's nursery, but there were none that I liked as much as these two.

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Heidi said...

Hello Eva! It was soooo nice to see a comment from you on my blog. I had to pop over and say hello. Your favor bags look great. When are you due with Michael?

I just love that you keep your traditions even though across the ocean and celebrate St. Nicolaas. It is so important to pass these traditions on to your children.

Hugs en groetjes ~