Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They grow up so fast

It is never too early to talk with your children about serious matters. I remember Bill talked to Joseph when he was still inside mommy's tummy about the advantages of coming out sleeping through the night and potty trained. That one did not work out as we had hoped, but we are not the kind that easily gives up.
So, we regularly have serious talks with Joseph about Jesus, about the priesthood, about the fact that he will never have a computer in his bedroom, that books are the greatest thing on earth and that he will be as nerdy as mommy and daddy...

Today I had been watching a tv program about weddings and commitment. It ended with a marriage proposal and I thought it was time for another serious conversation. So I took our wedding picture from the shelf, showed it to him and told him this was mommy and this was daddy (the picture is shot from the back.) Then I told him that daddy asked mommy to marry him and she had said yes. I began to tell him that one day when he was much older and if he was not called to the priesthood, he might meet a girl. Joseph seemed to be listening with great attention. He looked at mommy with those big, brown eyes and said absolutely earnest: "pea school"

Aparently he is determined to meet his future wife in preschool in two weeks. I think I need to start arranging a marriage for that boy, now!


Wendy said...

Oh, how adorable! This is the cutest post ever. Pirate Boy received a marriage proposal from a little girl at church last week, so you never know, Joseph might be on to something. ;)

Caeseria said...

"Ah! Hm! Ok! Well then! Huh!" thoughts that run through my head at the idea that he is going to meet his wife in "pea school".
Well then, he's open to an arranged marriage, I would assume! Let's hope his wife is as well!