Sunday, July 19, 2009

I love aprons

I do. I don't wear them nearly enough, but when I do wear them, they make me feel feminine, fluttery and energetic. And it always seems as if I accomplish more when I do wear them. I own one really nice, frilly apron, which was a gift from a friend of mine. (thank you, Shannon). Then I own a funny, practical apron with christmas trees on it, which also was a gift from a friend of mine (thank you, Barb). And I own an 'all over dress' apron. Which actually was a dress at one time, but now serves as an apron.
What I am still missing are a few frilly, cute, every day aprons. I have a great weakness for the Edwardian Apron from Sense and Sensibility sewing. If I could just find any time to sew, I might actually try and make that one.
Today I found another new apron to dream about: Aunt Jessie's Vintage inspired Pink Parisian Fashionista apron. And then there is the Regency Apron I found at Etsy's "Au belles choses". Browsing Etsy is always a dangerous thing to do.

The function of an apron is of course to protect the clothes underneath. It seems rather contradictory then for many people to long for a 'pretty apron'. After all, if the main function of something is to catch tomato sauce, why would I want it to have pretty flowers all over it? Won't I feel bad if it gets stained? Now that is the secret of the apron, actually: you don't feel bad if it get's stained, because that's what it's supposed to be. On a nice white blouse, a smear of ketchup or spat of bacon grease looks ugly and wrong because it is not supposed to be there. An apron however somehow becomes enhanced when there is some dust on the front, crumbs caught on the bodice and an undeterminable spot of something red on the skirt.
A nice apron has the advantage of looking girly or better womanly in itsself, plus you can take it off right before greeting someone and feel a shift in paradigm immediately. You go from one 'sphere' to the next.

While I hesitate at the moment over spending the money, I really want to add one or two more aprons to my wardrobe. But first I need to wear the ones I have more often. Isn't it strange how often we find things that we like, that make us feel good, make us more productive and that actually cost very little effort, and still we let the habit fall by the wayside now and again? I have this with menu planning, which saves me time, money and frustration, with cleaning schedules and other routines. I do them, I like it.. and somehow they still slip between my fingers now and again.
Ah well, when you realize you've fallen off the wagon you can do two things: spend a lot of time lamenting and figuring out the fall, or try to get back up. Hmm... guess which one would be the best option?


Caeseria said...

I have a remnant from our Walmart's fabric section, a piece of smocked material from an "instant sundress" roll that isn't big enough for a dress. I'm going to hem the sides and put on ribbon for straps - instant apron!

Wendy said...

Once again, you are a kindred spirit -- I love aprons too. In fact, I've got so much into the habit of wearing them, whether I'm cooking or washing dishes, that I feel I can't really dig in and get my work done if I'm not wearing my apron!