Monday, June 8, 2009


I love food. Call it my Belgian heritage perhaps, but I love good food. Healthy... non healthy, gourmet, simple homecooking, cultural foods, chocolate, salads... I love them all.
And even being busy chasing an overactive todler all day, I think I manage to put a decent meal on the table in the evening. My husband does not want anything more than a bowl of cereal in the morning. Lunch however is my big challenge. My lunch, Joseph's lunch and Bill's lunch. Now my husband never complains, but I really want to give him an atractive, healthy and yummy lunch. Not just throw some left overs in a box. Problem of course is that he loves left overs most, and that I don't have much inspiration. THe same problem is there for my own lunch. I often end up grabbing something less than healthy because I simply go brain dead.

The big problem for me is that lunch just does not 'inspire' me as much as dinner. Recently though, I have been bitten by the Bento bug. Just the use of a cute container seems to go a long way in getting my creativity going. Plus, bento inspires me somehow to use a greater variety of ingredients due to the different divisions in containers etc.
I also try, whenever possible to include Joseph in the cooking. Most of the time, I only do very simple projects, like letting him empty the packages of Truvia into the jug for lemonade, or letting him stir something on the floor if the bowl is big enough. A few days ago though, we made a more ambitious project: apple crumble in Joseph's own little mini cake pan of his kitchen set. We even heated it in the toaster oven.
He liked the little adventure.