Thursday, May 28, 2009


At the beginning of may, I jumped back into blogging after a short hiatus. Life had just become too busy to spend time updating my blog. It had also become too busy for many things that are much more important.

March and April were insanely busy. (note to self: when you agree to do something, don't just look if you are free on that day, look at what the week or the month looks like!). In those two months I got completely off track with all my housekeeping, personal care and other routines. We were sleeping too late, not praying enough, staying up too late, spending too much time in front of the tv in the evening. And as a result I was tired and grouchy. Not good. The consequences of all this spilled over well into May until I actually started looking around and paying attention.
The last week we are slowly getting back on track. We are getting up a bit earlier (around 7 am), eating out less and cooking more from scratch. Much more healthy and definitely necessary since I also put on a few unwanted pounds during these three months. I started being more conscious of what I did when packing my husbands lunch and to mine as well, in contrast to the 'grab whatever we have frozen' routine of the last months. Now I just need to get on the tredmill!

Unfortunately, while I have been getting up earlier, Joseph has been doing the same these last three days, and that means I still do not have my morning quiet time to pray, sit and stare, and do some food prep or laundry as well as just get ready and dressed for the day. Not having that morning time is making me a bit grouchy, so as a treat we went for a first visit to an indoor playground. It was absolutely wonderful.
After driving home, Joseph was very tired and went down for his nap around 1 pm. Since I've put chili in the crockpot this morning (Yes! Mealplanning is also getting back on track!) I now have some downtime. Plans for today: start reading one book for my retreat next week. Get some knitting done on a prayer shawl for a friend. One or two loads of laundery and tidying up the kitchen. I am feeling SO much better.

have a blessed day!


Marie said...

I know what you mean about getting off track. We just moved into our new home and after a month of being off track in the old house, I'm still off track in this one, not to mention the fact that preschool is over for the summer and I have no alone time for any housework. Thankfully, I do have my morning quiet time, but I can remember stretches when I didn't and I certainly can sympathize.

Here's to getting back on track. My heart is just so much more at peace when I'm on track...even if things are still messy at times.

By the way, what is a prayer shawl?

faerieeva said...

Hey Marie... I think we all just get off track sometimes. And luckily if we catch it in time we know what to do about it. But it does take time. I just need to get up earlier to get that quiet time. Like you I feel so much more at ease and comfortable if I am on track with everything.

As to prayer shawls, it's a ministry I stumbled over several months ago when I started knitting. When you knit, or crochet, it often is a very quieting activity, something that leaves your mind relaxed and open to prayer. A prayer shawl is when you knit a shawl prayerfully and then give it away to someone. Maybe this is someone you know that is going through a rough time, maybe someone you know who is having a wonderful celebration. Or maybe you can send it off to a woman's shelter so people can literally be wrapped in your prayers.

I've been intrigued about it for a while. This is going to be my first one, and I am making it for a dear friend of mine who is having some trouble.

Wendy said...

I love the idea of a prayer shawl. You always make me wish I knew how to knit!

I know what you mean about having your "sit and stare" time, I cherish it myself, and now that school is ending I'm preparing for the shift in routine and the months with the children home and wanting my attention all day long. It will take some discipline on my part to keep some kind of order so we don't end up doing nothing just because our days aren't structured anymore.

CRICKET said...

I completely understand, I love my quiet time before the children wake, I prefer homecooking ot eating out and I love/need an orderly home. I have been contemplating taking a break from blogging. Glad to see you back.

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