Monday, May 25, 2009

I know I should not let him do it.. but he looks so cute...

"I know I should not let him do it.. but he looks so cute."

I wonder how often we will be hearing that phrase. My little boy has mastered the art of looking utterly adorable while either wielding general destruction or at the very least getting into misschief.

Here for your horror and entertainment are two more stories of my little troublemaker. A week or so ago, Joseph had been a very good boy most of the day. He had been playing with his stuffed animals, with the blocks, ran around like a banshee in the garden, but generally stayed out of trouble. He likes to use words now, and tries to master them as fast as he can, considering he learns two languages at the same time. He especially likes animal sounds. "woef woef" "Miauw" and for the bunny "Hop" inspired by the musical easter bunny his grandmother had given him, which sings "I gotta hop, hop, I just gotta hop" when you press his foot.
While I was tidying a few things in the living room I therefor did not think twice about it when I heard Joseph happily chanting 'hop' 'hop' in the kitchen. After all, as every mother knows, it is silence you must be really beware off.

After a few minutes though, I wanted to see what he was so happily playing with and stopped in my tracks when I rounded the counter and saw him playing 'hop.. hop' manipulating 'bunny ears' of.. my kitchen scisors!!! He opened and closed them, simulating the movements of the singing and dancing bunny, not noticing that he had actually already cut a hole in his T shirt with the downward pointing scisor blades. Spoilsport mommy quickly ended that hopping session!

Last sunday Joseph pleasantly surprised us. We try to keep him in church with us almost every sunday, but now and again when either one of us is serving, we try and place Joseph in the church nursery. He liked it once or twice, then proceeded to cry like a banshee the next few times so we had to come and get him. We gave up on the nursery for a while but after a recent visit for the mothers group, Joseph seemed to have picked up an interest. Since I was serving we brought Joseph to the nursery and as soon as he saw the toys and the other children he seemed to have forgotten our existence.

To our surprise we did not get a call during mass that we needed to get him and while it felt slightly strange not to have our little boy with us, we managed to actually keep our attention on the service. After mass we went to pick up our little boy and at first glance.. did not see him. The lady who volunteers in the nursery was smiling widely though, so we knew nothing was wrong. And then she uttered those fatefull words: "I know I know I should not let him do it.. but he looks so cute." And with that she looked down.
We followed her eyes down as well, and there, right behind the counter sat Joseph on the floor: the cupboard opened and a bag of goldfish crackers retrieved from which he was gleefully scooping out the crackers and putting them in his mouth with the air of a triumphant adventurer.

Mommy put an end to that session of misschief soon as well.

"I know I know I should not let him do it.. but he looks so cute." Why do I have the scary feeling that I am going to hear that sentence a lot more in the future?

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Caeseria said...

Ooooh, hahahahahahahahaha!!! That is SUCH a mommy phrase!! Your Joseph has a sibling named Patrick, "Kittyboy" on my blog. HIS latest thing is climbing furniture to reach his bookshelf and then sitting happily four feet off the ground, reading.
I laughed to tears!!! Thanks for sharing!!