Monday, May 11, 2009

Grandma's are mommy's with lots of frosting

That sentence crowns the mothersday gift I selected for my wonderful mother in law. I have been blessed so much, not just with my wonderful husband, but also with his parents and actually his entire family. This weekend we are luxuriating in their company near Hilton Head for a mini vacation. Joseph adores his "Mimi" and "Gra-Pa". Even if they did not bring their dog with them, which was a big dissapointment. However he is spoiled with attention, love, favorite foods, trips to the playground, new clothes, new shoes and whatever a young boy can be spoiled with. And mommy and daddy are spoiled with enthousiast baby sitters who just urge them out of the door to go for a nice dinner together or a trip to the movies or to go shopping or anything.
So last friday, my husband and I went out for a dinner together to a place I found in the local restaurant guide. I would say it was one step up from a dive, but really.. it wasn't even a step up. The food though was REALLY good. And there was lots of atmosphere. Including a reggae version of "Country Roads". We had such a great time: a wonderful date under the full moon.

I also splurged on a dress. I found it at Steinmart which means it was seriously discounted, but still more than I would usually spend on a dress. When I put it on however, it made me look like a Greek Godess. My husbands eyes lit up when he saw it. Only, it was a bit too long, and more than I had planned on spending. (though not out of our budget of course. I am just a pinch penny) I put the dress back on the rack and left without it. The next day we went shopping in the outlet mall but nothing really 'hit me'. I had a dress that looked nice, but when I looked at myself in the mirror in it.. it did not make me look like a Greek Godess. I only spend money on clothes when I absolutely love what I see in the mirror, because I think it is part of my duty and priviledge as a wife, a mother and a daughter of the King to look atractive. I hung that dress back as well and only bought the two camisoles that I wear under some summer dresses.

But the first dress kept sticking in my mind. How often do you find a dress that makes you look like a Greek Godess, especially after you have given birth and with still five pounds that seem to belong to someone else? When before dinner my mother-in-law and I went to the grocery store, I asked her to come into Steinmart with me for just a moment and give her opinion. She convinced me to buy it. I will just need to have it shortened three inches or so. And I promise you some pictures of me wearing it!


Wendy said...

Hi Eva, so glad you're enjoying a lovely family getaway!

And every woman should have a dress that makes her look like a Greek goddess. I'm glad you got it!

~SHANNON~ said...

I'm so glad you are going to post pics of the dress, becuase my curiosity is truly peeked! We have a Steinmart up the road from us, and I've found quite a few bargains there too!

Hope you enjoyed the vacation and time off from the precious baby. What lovely family you must have:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Eva!

We belonged to a board together, LAF. I just thought it was neat that your in Hilton Head. I leave 40 minutes from there. Have you visited the Barnes and Nobles yet? Also have your dmil take you to World Marekt, its over the bridges (Bluffton) in the Michaels and Pet Smart Shopping center. GREAT stuff!

Hope you enjoy your vacation!

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