Thursday, April 2, 2009

March was insane, and April looks even more so

I am not used anymore to a life with lots of appointments. Aside from grocery shopping and trips to the library or childrens museum, my calendar is usually blissfully empty. Since Joseph has been sleeping well, this finally left some time for other projects. March however became utterly busy and just when I want to sigh with relief at the beginning of April I had a good look at the calendar again. April looks even more busy than March. I have volunteerwork, a boardmeeting, a general meeting, the fashion show, I have the fittings for the fashion show, dentist appointment, a preschool preview at the YMCA, my husband has the knights of Columbus convention as well as a five day event for the prison ministery... I urgently need a haircut and I should try and fit a well child visit in there somewhere. I also need to finish a newsletter, a fashion show program AND get a good start on a booklet.

Lesson from this insanity: when people ask me if I am available to do something, do not just look if I am free on that date, look at the calendar that month as a whole!

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