Friday, February 27, 2009

I've been thorougly remiss ...

in not pointing any of the people reading this blog to the barefoot mama. She is hosting a week of Jane Austin and I have thorougly enjoyed every one of her posts. A wicked cold has prevented me from joining in the give away, but perhaps you could join in yourself?
Go on and read through a weeks worth of posts on one of our favourite authors. If I feel well enough I might join you later and pen a comment on why the Keira Knightley movie is but a cheap knock off that has little to do anymore with Austin's romance aside from the names of the characters.


tiffibug said...

I watched about 30 minutes of the Keira Knightley version. It was so horribly bad I couldn't watch any more of it.

Wendy said...

So how do you really feel? :)

I vastly prefer the Colin Firth version myself, and I've been reading and enjoying Austen week at The Barefoot Mama!

Shannon said...

Did you post this to torture me???

Prayers for your cold to be gone soon!

faerieeva said...

*chuckles* Shannon, I had to do something since you didn't reply to my detailed literary reply on your Austin post of a few weeks ago, right? *W*

I actually like Austin and just thought that it was a fun concept. Wish I could have enjoyed more of it.

Wendy and Tiffibug, the problem with the Knightley version is not as much that it has been so condensed, otherwise we all would be complaining just as much about Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson. The problem is that the entire psychology of the characters has been changed and reduced to that of protagonist in a Harlequin romance novel.