Friday, February 20, 2009

A fine... romance... with many kisses

I told you I was going to keep romance as the theme of the week. Yesterday I may have gotten distracted by the excellent post in the blog 'the delighed life, but today I am back again. Romance. Did you know that you can deliberately chose to be romantic?
When I walk across the street and see a young couple that is obviously in love, how do I see it? Well, they hold hands perhaps. They touch eachother, not especially in a sexual way, but as if they just love to be close to the other person. And when they talk they won't just speak about 'Brandon' or 'Elly', no there are little words of endearment escaping every now and then.
Some people think it's silly and annoying. I always thought it sweet. When I look at older couples in Church, I notice some of them are still holding hands, staying close whenever they can.

Maybe you have noticed on my blog that I rarely refer to my husband simply as 'my husband'. I speak of my 'beloved' husband. My 'wonderful' husband. My prince. When people point out how cute or handsome my baby is, I never fail to tell them how much he is like his dada. I love telling him how handsome he is. How I admire him. Usually these are not the long winded declarations of love you find here on my blog (and won't he be slightly embarrassed at all this praise when he peeks in), but just a little 'Have I told you how handsome you are?' as he is emptying the dishwasher, or reading a book and I pass by.

When I need to go do something difficult (like getting off the couch to get a glass of water after a long day of todler chasing) I tell my sweet husband that I will do it, but that I need a kiss for strength first. There are other ways to get an extra kiss in here or there. Like last week when we were driving to Hilton Head and he predicted we would be at our destination in 30 minutes. I bet him for a kiss that it would take us less than that. And then there are the kisses 'just because' you are just passing by eachother and a kiss is absolutely mandated.

Sometimes, when my husband does something that annoys me (believe it or not, even my wonderful, magnificent husband sometimes does things that annoy me) I make it a point to set it aside if it's a trivial matter and instead of harping on it, go and get a kiss. If it's something that seriously bothers me, I'll talk about it when I'm not feeling snarky or 'in the moment annoyed' anymore. Because that's usually when unkind words fall. And that extra kiss usually gets me over the annoyance pretty quickly.

I'm not trying to make anyone believe that ours is a fairytale life. We're a normal couple with many shortcomings before either of us manages to become a true mirror of Christ like love. But we have found out that even the most difficult time becomes a little bit easier when a small offering of love is made in a word, a touch, or a small or big action.

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tiffibug said...

I know exactly what you mean. Neither one of us leaves a room without saying, "I love you," and getting a kiss.