Friday, January 30, 2009

"Joseph two sock falls in the pool"

We are working on verbal skills with my little cutie. He understands more and more each day and his own vocabulary grows with leaps and bounds even though he does not see the need yet it seems for words of more than one syllable. At 16 months that's exactly where he should be, but I so want to talk with him. Though people tell me that in a year I will want him to just be quiet. I can imagine. It is said I drove my parents near the brink of insanity with the use of a single word "why"? I would say why to everything, from the statement that we were going somewhere to the remark that a bird was flying.
I try to talk to Joseph as much as possible, and preferably in Dutch. I want him to grow up bilingual, but if I have just finished a conversation in English or have been reading or writing in English, quit often I mix in English words.
Yesterday I decided a little experiment.

I told Joseph we were going outside. To which he enthousiastically replied 'Buh.. buh' (from buiten, the Dutch word for outside). But of course he needed to get dressed first. I thought a little experiment was in order so I told him to 'go get your socks and bring them to mommy'. I barely needed to repeat it, and he brought me one sock. Then, after some more prodding, he brought another sock. From a different pair. It WAS a sock though, so since we were only going into the garden, I put the two different socks on and named him 'Joseph two sock' for the occasion.

The weather was just warm enough not to be glaringly uncomfortable and I was planning on trying a few rounds on my testswatch of knitting in the round on DPNS (isn't it cool to use lingo. The scary DPNS acronym stands for the even scarier double pointed needles). We stayed outside for just over ten minutes though because someone whom I shall not name but who was wearing mismatched socks, decided that the pool needed closer examining.
THe pool is covered with a tarp at this time of year, but the cover has slid back a bit with recent winds, so one can see the water underneath and some leaves floating in.

Hmmm... curious todler, floating leaves and water. Yes, that's a recipe for adventure. He bend close. I stayed closer. He reached in to play with floating leaves or splash the water. I stayed closer. He 'decided' to slide into the frigid water. I was there! Grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and had him out before he could wet more than one shoe and the cuff of his pants. Bless his heart! (I am starting to sound Southern, am I not?)

Joseph seemed pretty confused when I thought this little escapade was reason for us to get back inside. ahhh.. my little boy is exploring the world!

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